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Archaeological excavations


ACHILLES Group Ltd. has priority in fast and reliable realization of the archaeological excavation. Because of rich building activity there is mostly a necessary for the rescue archaeological excavation carried out in areas threatened by, or revealed by, construction or other development. The Regional Monuments Board Centre is the authority deciding in necessity of realization the rescue archaeological excavation and the builder must accomplish this condition in building procedure. According to § 38 of the Act No. 49/2002 archaeological research costs shall be paid by the owner of the cultural heritage monument or the builder. That’s why our top priority is to provide high quality archaeological services and reliable and quality work on time even in challenging environments or weather conditions. When professional advice is required on any development we have the expertise and considerable experience in the assessment of planning and development projects. On behalf of our clients we are specialized in offering advice on any archaeological requirements that may arise. In many cases, delays to development can be avoided through archaeological services being engaged at an early stage. Archaeological test trenching within selected areas is often undertaken prior to development what can be beneficial in order to locate and assess sites of archaeological significance in advance, thereby assisting in minimizing delays during the construction phase.

ACHILLES Group Ltd. is legally licensed company for the archaeological research all over Slovakia according to the license issued by The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

Conditions and quality of the archaeological excavation and research realized by ACHILLES Group Ltd. is controlled by the Archaeological Council appointed from among professionals in the field of Slovak archaeology, and it’s functioning as an expert consultative and initiative making body of The Ministry of Culture for archaeological research, archaeological finds and archaeological sites.

List of the completed archaeological excavations realized by ACHILLES Group Ltd. (since 2009):

  • National Cultural Monument Rotunda Dvanastich apostolov (Bina)
  • National Cultural Monument Kostol Narodenia Panny Marie (Nitra)
  • Infrastructure for the Zone 4-5 (Vrable)
  • National Cultural Monument Chateau Bosany
  • New Hall Building (Batovce)
  • Learning Centre (Malacky)
  • National Cultural Monument Palffy’s Chateau Malacky
  • Historical Zone Na Vrsku and Marianska St. (Nitra)
  • New Industrial Hall (Malzenice)
  • Sporting Area (Dolna Sec)
  • Stone Quarry Krnca
  • National Cultural Monument Kostol sv. Filipa a Jakuba (Nitrianska Streda)
  • Technical Control & Emission Control Station (Galanta)
  • Industrial Area (Ivanka pri Nitre)
  • National Cultural Monument Topolciansky Castle /Souterrain & Chapel/ (Podhradie)
  • National Cultural Monument Tematin Castle (Luka)
  • Reconstruction of the town heating system (Ruzomberok)
  • Housing Development (Borcice)
  • National Cultural Monument Synagogue Levice (reconstruction)
  • Apartment Block (Gabcikovo)
  • Solar Park (Tesarske Mlynany)
  • Solar Park (Velke Ulany)
  • Solar Park (Lisov)
  • Solar Park (Aleksince)
  • National Cultural Monument Chateau Topolcianky (reconstruction)
  • Revitalization of the public square Namestie hrdinov Levice (Levice)
  • Retail Park Promenade Luzianky (Nitra)
  • Housing development in Kubra (Trencin)
  • Polyfunctional Object in Solivar (Presov)
  • Solar Park (Rumince)
  • New electrical connection (Martovce)
  • Solar Parks 5x (Martovce)
  • Agricultural Warehouse (Lucny Dvor)
  • National Cultural Monument Blatnica Castle
  • New pool for Cajka Swimmingpool, Spa Bojnice
  • Mining Area Opatova-Za kanalom (Trencin)
  • New Sidewalk in Stary Tekov
  • Living Park Ponds in Domaniza
  • National Cultural Monument (Church) Kostol Nanebovzatia Panny Marie in Stary Tekov
  • Industrial Area ZKW Slovakia (Krusovce)
  • Mining Area Kocovce

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